It takes courage and tenacity to bring a new soul into this world. Birth is possibly the most challenging thing you will ever do.

Support from a knowledgeable and trustworthy source will ease the process. 

Every family deserves birth support that accommodates their unique needs, and respects their beliefs and identity.

  • About
    • Doula Samantta
      • Doula Samantta is a trained Doula serving families throughout the Okanagan; based in Kelowna and traveling between Penticton and Vernon.
    • Contact
      • Email or phone to set up a free consultation to see if Doula Samantta’s services are right for your family.
  • Services
    • Birth Doula
      • Everything you, and your support persons, need to feel confident and supported through the birth of your child. The Birth Package includes preparation and continuous birth support as well as post-birth support. With a wide range of courses and resources, Birth Doula Services are individualized to each family’s needs.
    • Post-partum Doula
      • The extra set of hands you need for the first few months with your newborn. Postpartum Doula Services will help you with tasks from bonding support to light housekeeping to finding parenting resources.