There is no right or wrong way to birth; what matters is what’s important for you. I am prepared to support that choice.

About Doula Samantta

I am passionate about increasing access to quality maternity care in BC. I enjoy connecting with clients on a personal level and making people feel comfortable, heard and understood. I empower people to be involved in their health care; when clients are educated about their options, they can be trusted to know what is best for their family.

Throughout school I had a strong interest in psychology (how the mind affects behaviour), physiology (how the body functions) , and anthropology (how culture affects behaviour). I developed a particular fascination with the wonder of pregnancy; how the human body can create another new human, and the cultural context that surrounds pregnancy and birth. While studying a BSc in Psychology, I gained a full understanding of pain-management theory, effects of hormones and drugs, and mental processes that I bring to my work. After graduating, I combined my academic learning with 6 years of coaching experience, empowering, encouraging, and guiding people to access their potential, to begin my journey as a Doula. 

I am committed to providing equitable and accessible perinatal care. I understand that people facing marginalization or oppression have unique concerns and I am dedicated to learning about these experiences in order to advocate and empower. A combination of health psychology and sociology courses in university gave me an in-depth understanding of how experiences of oppression can affect health. To improve health outcomes, I provide sensitive care to populations with diverse abilities, indigenous peoples, people of colour and the LGBTQ+ community. 

My goal is to ensure that you have meaningful memories of the journey that brought your child earth-side, and be confident in your birth choices.

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