About Doula Samantta

There is no right or wrong way to birth; what matters is what’s right and important for you and your partner. I am prepared to support that choice.

The human body and mind have always been intriguing to me, first in high school biology classes, and later pursuing a BSc in Psychology. I am particularly fascinated with the ability of the human body to produce other human bodies! This curiosity, alongside my background in coaching, led me to train as a Doula with Doula Canada.

While studying at Acadia University, I gained a full understanding of pain-management theory and mental processes that I bring to my work as a Doula. I also have years of experience as a coach; empowering, encouraging, and guiding people to access their potential. This aspect of coaching is the most gratifying to me, and I feel it even more in my work as a Doula.

My goal is to ensure that you have meaningful memories of the journey that brought your child earth-side, and be confident in your birth choices.