I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would have done without Samantta as our doula. I am forever grateful for her and our experience working together.

Throughout the entire journey Samantta was incredibly supportive and informative. Not only is she a very thoughtful and knowledgeable person, she delivers her wealth of information in the most approachable and non biased ways possible. No matter what type of question I had she answered clearly and without judgment. She helped me create a birth plan and ensured my partner and I were on the same page. I also really appreciated how she went out of her way to lend me books and teach me stretches and mindfulness techniques that we invaluable in preparing for birth.

During labor Samantta was absolutely essential to not only myself but also my partner. She was a calming and grounding presence, constantly suggesting or doing exactly what I needed in that moment (this included instigating a dance party, informing me of my choices, reminding my partner to eat something, demonstrating different labouring positions, playing soft music and rubbing my feet). She even took photos of particularly special moments our family shared.

Having a baby during a pandemic was an interesting experience to say the least, but Samantta was able to alleviate much of our stress by staying positive and keeping things in perspective. She did a wonderful job maintaining our piece of mind; dedicated and passionate about the work she does, Samantta has so much to offer.

…[Samantta] helped us with everything. She has been so understanding to my husband and my needs… She is so dedicated to us and we are honoured to have her in our lives. She made us feel so special in everything she has done for us… She is amazing, compassionate, loving, caring, considerate and we just couldn’t say enough great things about her…

Samantta is an amazing doula. She helped my partner, Jarrod, and I with our first born, William.

Seeing as this was our first born and I was very new to this whole experience, Samantta made sure that I was comfortable, and understood what was going on. Being overdue was scary to me as well. I scheduled to be induced before the time limit (10 days past due date), and being scared with anxiety; Samantta came to assist my partner and I to see what my options were. Although the decision was up to me, Samantta is very supportive and will listen to hear you out, as if talking to a best friend. It gave my partner and I an ease of mind before going through with induction.

Having Samantta as our doula provided my partner and I an excellent first birthing experience. We couldn’t have done it without her!

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