Fall Promotion

Are you expecting this fall?

Looking for compassionate expert support?

Doula Samantta’s Fall Promotion gives you all the support you need through childbirth, coupled with complimentary postpartum support to help you begin parenting with confidence!

If you book your Birth Package with an Estimated Due Date before December 31 2019 you will benefit from this promotion. The Birth Package includes everything you and your partner need to feel relaxed, and prepared for the birth of your child. Doula Samantta will spend time with you before your due date (two in-home visits) to help you understand your options and preferences, and to prepare your body. During labor and birth, Doula Samantta will remain by your side to encourage you, help you find comfort and ease your labor. The first two postpartum visits (included in the Birth Package) ensure your birth recovery, feeding relationship and infant care is off to a great start.

Now this is where it gets good:

After the birth, when you are up to your neck in diapers, caught in an endless cycle of feeding, and still trying to catch up on sleep, Doula Samantta will come to your home for 8 hours (two 4 hour shifts), to help you and your partner with the tasks you need most! With Samantta’s help, you will have time to shower, have help with cleaning the kitchen or folding the laundry, and someone to get groceries and start dinner for you. You will also have access to any and all resources you may need. Doula Samantta will share best practices for safe sleep, infant care, feeding options and will connect you with community resources when needed.

This promotion has a value of $625, but you only pay $425 and will have the ability to book more postpartum services at a discounted price!

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